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Institute Salgado

Institute Salgado Integral Health is the result of the merging of the knowledge acquired over the past 30 years of hard work and professional engagement, always focusing on health and life quality.

Its history begins with clinical activities performed by its directors, Dr. Alfonso Salgado and Dr. Nilma Salgado, physiotherapists that since the 80's have carried out courses and updates in the main centers of Europe and the United States, regularly incorporated into clinical practice and transferring it to other professionals by means of lectures and courses.

By having the need for professionalizing education activities in this field, in August 1998, the Center of Physiotherapy Studies Salgado was created, leading to, in 2001, the creation of the School of Manual Therapy and Posture and the International Course of Manual Therapy and Posture, which became the main asset of the company. The School has expanded throughout Brazil and for many years continued the pioneering work in various techniques that have revolutionized the way to approach treatment in physical therapy. During this period, Dr. Alfonso Salgado and his team traveled throughout the Brazilian States, teaching the techniques he had learned in the most diverse countries in the world. Thus, knowledge of health was created, making it suitable for the reality of the Brazilian professionals and their needs. One of the highlights of this work has always been to privilege knowledge aimed at clinical practice, which became a qualification instrument for several professionals, fostering the enhancement and development of physiotherapy in Brazil.

In 2012, we extend our operating market, promoting the integrative health concept, and we initiated the Institute of Integral Health. In this new phase, we keep on going after excellence in knowledge to value life, always!


All the methods and techniques have their own merits, but none of them is full and absolute about all the conditions that our patients present. Therefore, the proposal of Institute Salgado is based on the diversity: to study several Schools, to absorb whatever is original in each of them, to review concepts and to confront them with other visions, always with the honesty imposed by science, without the intention of withholding the truth, but with humility to review and to readapt such concepts, pursuing the search for professional growth and the satisfaction of the patient.

Taking it all into account makes it, undoubtedly, part of a proposal for professionals from the health area in Brazil - a project to take information and updated knowledge to professionals and academic professionals, something that transcends the promotion of updating events. It is a true Brazilian Physiotherapy School, capable of producing original knowledge and enabling the best way possible physiotherapy professionals.


The team of professors, coordinated by Dr. Afonso Salgado, is made up by masters, PhDs, post-doctorate, University professor and very experienced professionals with proven clinical experience, creator of exclusive methods such as Micro physiotherapy, Biological Reading, PNS - Neurosensorial Posture Therapy, among others.


To promote access to quality information and knowledge, contributing to the development of health professionals in order to make them work in an ethical and competent way, contributing to the promotion of health and physical well-being, emotional and social of human beings in an integral way.


Be the largest educational institution and integral health promotion in Brazil, providing specialized services, exclusive products and quality education in health area.


INNOVATION and QUALITY as criteria when searching for novelties.

ETHICS and RESPECT to the creators of several methods and techniques that contributed to the development and improvement of health.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and OVERCOMING OF RESULTS as a natural evolution process for integral health.

International Partnershups

Institute Salgado has partnerships with professionals from several countries and keeps its doors open to companies interested in promoting their acknowledged quality knowledge in health area for professionals who work in Brazil.

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